About IPTradex

IPtradeX is a new age technology solution for managing global telecommunications traffic in a world class organization. It is an innovative online marketplace where members trade routes and manage voice traffic to and from various destinations around the world. The trading platform is designed to facilitate voice trading in a hassle free and easy manner that is robust, secure and reliable.

The Trade Floor
Whether it is buying termination routes from wholesale national and international VoIP carriers, or selling your routes to a worldwide VoIP partners, our robust web-based Trade Floor directly connects telecom providers with termination carriers securely and efficiently.

Salient Features:

IPtradeX made easy as never before!

Registration : To be able to trade at IPtradeX, one has to be registered. The process however is simple and easy. Fill in the registration form by clicking on registrations tab. The very first time you fill in the Registration Form, you are asked for basic personal information - name, company, e-mail, preferences etc. Registration

Add Equipment : Once a member is registered, his Equipment can be added by logging in and filling the equipment technical information. Log in and fill in your support staff contact information and equipment technical information. Once you have filled in these basic questions there will be just a few questions about the specific service that you apply for - are you looking to buy or sell - for example, and questions about your equipment. After registration the Participants equipment used for termination only of VoIP-call is going to be tested.

Buy : Buying on IPtradeX is like any other online purchasing experience. A member can view real time statistics and choose from global routes based on price and quality. Once into the online trading floor, members can buy from sellers with the best quote. They can also develop customized routing plans prioritized by rate and quality after accessing real-time market price and quality data on the Market View. IPtradeX’s online Download Rates and Codes tool enable the buyers to tailor their rate sheet according to their requirement.

Sell : Selling on IPtradeX is equally simple. A gateway to quickly generate revenue! Once a member enters the online trade floor, he can post his quotes and destinations that are displayed on the market view. Seller’s quotes can be viewed by buyers worldwide. Settlement of the sale value after deduction of the pre-agreed commission is done immediately, thereby allowing quick revenue generation for the seller.

Multiple Telco Routing

IPtradeX maintains relationships with the top wholesale VoIP providers in the world and it leverages this strength in providing retail players the provision to participate in route trading with big telecommunication traffic providers without any prepayment of minimum deposit. IPtradeX gives the members the ability to buy VoIP termination at wholesale rates. This means simple and low pricing, and no hidden or recurring fees.

IPtradeX provides access to one of the world’s largest voice networks. Often it is not a viable option to participate with big communication traffic providers where one needs to deposit a minimum amount upfront which is usually quite high. IPtradeX brings in the flexibility for retail players to participate in voice trading involving big players through its simplified trading system. It has steered clear through the minimum deposit policy and allowed its clients to reap the benefits of quality carriers at an affordable rate!

A perfect route trading system, quality managed, Multiple Telco Routing at an affordable price and with automated business processes, no doubt IPtradeX stands a trusted party in the VOIP community.


No minimum deposit to start voice trading involving Multiple Telco Routing
Access to big Tele-communication traffic providers at affordable price
Access to quality carriers
Access to world’s largest voice networks
No hidden cost involved
Simple and easy trading floor

Reduced Cost

The rates and commissions provided at IPtradeX are competitive. The cost structure at IPtradeX is such that members get the value for their money and they can benefit from the reduced cost involved in voice trading.

We dare to invite comparison with our competitors! For every transaction we have a bare minimum commission and provide quality service to our members. Simple and easy trading floor coupled with automated settlement process makes us a trusted partner in the VOIP community.

With low rates on transactions we encourage our members to participate in route trading as frequently as possible, thus generating revenue and becoming wealth creators for the community.

Multiple Direct Routes via a Single Interconnect

IPtradeX has eliminated the need to maintain different accounts for managing various routes. Members can register for only one account and manage Multiple Direct Routes via a Single Interconnect.

In this fast paced world where time is money, it is not at all cost effective to maintain direct interconnect which is complex and requires significant back-office resources. IPtradeX enables service providers and carriers to establish Multiple Direct Routes via Single Interconnect. This is easy and inexpensive. And it eliminates the need to maintain different accounts for managing various routes.

Members use their accounts with IPtradeX to connect with each other directly and also invite new traders. They can also connect immediately to their customers and negotiate rates among themselves without much hassle on the trading floor using online tools. IPtradeX then takes over and settles their accounts automatically allowing each member to focus on managing its traffic.


Access to an efficient system to maintain Multiple Direct Route via Single Interconnect
Reduced back-end cost
Increased VOIP trading efficiency
Enabled to negotiate rates directly with its customers
Automatic settlements of all transactions
Eliminates the need for own network infrastructure